bryan_grenfellPrincipal Investigator

Kathryn Briger & Sarah Fenton Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Public Affairs, Woodrow Wilson School

I am a population biologist studying the dynamics of the spatial and temporal interaction of infectious diseases, particularly as related to the control of disease in human and animal populations. I work at the interface of theoretical models and empirical data [or I combine the development of theory with pioneering analyses of large empirical datasets] to demonstrate how the density of a population and randomness, or disorder, interact to drive population dynamics in space and time. I am particularly interested in the evolutionary dynamics and control of highly immunizing infections such as measles and influenza. I study processes that occur in populations at different scales and how infections move through such groups of organisms, thereby helping in the control of disease in humans and animals.

Some of my recent work includes:

  • Dynamics of Measles in developed and developing countries; control implications of vaccine refusal
  • Spatiotemporal dynamics of Human influenza in the U.S.A.
  • Linking within-host and population dynamics of human, equine and avian influenza
  • Exploring epidemiological and evolutionary implications of novel broad spectrum influenza vaccines
  • Population dynamics and control of rotavirus
  • Synthesizing epidemic dynamics of immunizing infections with the spatiotemporal economic dynamics of vaccination
  • New projects on the dynamics and control of HIV, Shigella, typhoid and HFMD.

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