Thomas P. van Boeckel

Former Postdoctoral Research Associate
I am a spatial epidemiologist interested in both statistical and mechanistic approaches to study infectious diseases. I combine geo-referenced data and remote-sensed imagery to predict the distribution of species and disease. I am (or have been) mapping: avian influenza, malaria, AIDS, mosquitoes, antibiotic resistance, chickens, ducks and bark beetles.

Quentin Caudron

Former Ph.D. student & Postdoctoral Research Associate
I am a theoretical physicist with interests in mathematical and computational biology, signal and image processing, and machine learning. I study the dynamics of measles epidemics in small populations using dynamical systems, statistical inference, and time-series methods. I also work alongside ecoimmunologists to develop algorithms for the image processing of histopathology slides, in order to automatically extract quantitative structural information from image data. In 2016 I accepted a position with CBRE.

Ruthie B. Birger

Former Ph.D. student

My research at Princeton focused on the population and within-host dynamics of HIV and hepatitis C virus. I am broadly interested in mathematical modeling, evolution, disease ecology, public health and drug resistance. Currently I am a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Earth Institute at Columbia University.